Tommy Landwehr is a cutting tool design expert and innovator with a 20 year track record of delivering state of the art cutting tool solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Following 15 years of working with Martor, an international leader in safety cutting solutions, Tommy resigned from his position as VP of Sales to pursue his passion in cutting tool design and engineering.

Tommy was quickly recruited by Klever Innovations to provide his cutting tool expertise and unique design insight to help grow the business. During Tommy’s time with Klever Innovations, he patented many of his safety knife designs which laid the groundwork for his own personal product line RITEKNIFE.

RITEKNIFE is a synergy of Tommy’s personal cutting tool industry experience and design innovation. All RITEKNIFE Products are made with the finest Mozart blades which are constructed in Solingen Germany. The RITEKNIFE Products were created to meet the needs of multiple markets spanning from flexible packaging to highly regulated industries such a food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Tommy continues to grow his product line with product quality and customer satisfaction as his top priority.

Connect with Tommy and RITEKNIFE Products

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